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Here’s hoping that you all spent a peaceful and happy period over Christmas and that everything you would wish for yourself and your nearest & dearest will come to fruition in the coming year.

Membership renewal forms are currently being distributed. (Many thanks to those who volunteered to pass some forms on, thus significantly reducing postal costs.) There is no increase in the subscription fee and hopefully you will have enjoyed and appreciated belonging to the club, which remains arguably the largest and most successful in the area. Members are asked to complete the Renewal Form, including current vehicles, and return with subscription to Andrea, our membership secretary. It is important that the form is completed, as it acts as a check against payments and is also, more importantly, used as our Audit for the Public Liability Insurance.

SOCIAL EVENT. BULLS HEAD. Sunday,21st. January, 2018.
Just a reminder of our “Hot Pot” gathering on 21st. January, 2018 from 12h00 onwards, food served until 15h00. Whilst many cars will be in “hibernation”, should the weather be suitable, the old ‘uns will be more than welcome.

Jan.21st.: Malvern Autojumble, Worcester
Jan.28th.: Newark Autojumble, Notts.
Jan.28th.: British Mini Club Fair, Bingley Hall, Stafford.

The information regarding this destination has been posted under the Events & Download tabs of the web-site

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. Monday, 5th. February,2018.
Notwithstanding the excellent voluntary ‘non-committee’ help given by members, the current committee would benefit from being more numerous. Please give very serious consideration to the nomination process. Pinching the words of someone far more famous than this author “Now is the time to think not of what the club can do for you but rather what can you do for the club”. For those reading this newsletter online, please note that 2018 AGM forms are available on the Events / Downloads tabs.

This is currently being prepared but is not at the top of my priority list as HMRC returns take priority at this time of the year. (This is an example of where additional committee resource would be helpful.) Consequently it is not proposed to publish until March and will only be available either on our web-site or at our Monthy Meetings.

ANNUAL CHARITY COLLECTION. 16th. December, 2017.
As reported in last month’s newsletter it was not possible to hold this event this year. The ‘Public Realm’ works were apparently still ongoing and it was not possible to obtain the necessary licence from Cheshire East Council. Hopefully we will be in a position early in the year, March/ April, to have the event then and perhaps in a location other than Congleston, Middlewich for example. Nevertheless, despite this sad state of affairs, Beartown’s very own Santa Claus, Tony Leyland, was out & about. He subsequently presented me with the sum of £60 as a donation to the Donna Louise Trust. It was suggested and agreed that the club match this amount and send and interim donation for £120.

The raffle takings at the club night totalled £43.

Set of 14 inch MK1 GTi Steel Wheels (presumably VW Golf). Contact:

CHAMPION Spark Plugs. Brand New in Box (BNB). All types available, either for classic or modern cars. Volume orders welcomed, get yourself a bargain at 50p each + p.p. Contact Phil Moreton 07770837133

Technology moves forward and new products are constantly being launched with claims to improved formulations and performance. With bitterly cold weather in January antifreeze articles are often found in the press, with some alarming stories which at just seem to be about the well- known tendency of antifreeze to find the tiniest hole and cause leakages - but in some cases it has led to catastrophic engine problems.
Traditional blue ethylene glycol is a toxic but highly effective antifreeze and contains silicates as an inhibitor to help prevent corrosion in an engine with mixed metals in its make-up. Bluecol and Blue Star are well known brand names and both of these are declared suitable for classic cars on their company websites. Be aware that there are also new- or no-silicate ethylene glycol formulations (usually red) available which may not be suitable for all engines.
Propylene glycol is another well-known and less toxic antifreeze formula and usually contains silicates but Comma, the main manufacturer, have now discontinued it in favour of an ethylene glycol product containing 'bittering agents' to make it less palatable and minimise the risk of accidental poisoning.
Both of the above products use inorganic additive technology (IAT).
Recently problems have been reported concerning the use of antifreeze mixtures using organic acid technology (OAT). OAT was introduced in the mid-1990's and the products are biodegradable, recyclable and do not contain either silicates or phosphates and are designed be longer lasting. However these products do seem to cause problems in older engines; over and above the ability of antifreeze to find the smallest crevice and leak, OAT antifreezes have been accused of destroying seals and gaskets and causing a great deal of damage in 'old' engines. For this reason the manufacturers do not recommend their use in historic vehicles. These products are usually coloured red, pink or orange.
The final category is HOAT. These products use hybrid organic acid technology in an ethylene glycol base with some silicates in the formulation alongside the organic corrosion inhibitors. The product is usually coloured green and is not recommended for use in historic vehicles.
The Federation of Historic Motor Clubs are still researching this problem but our advice at the moment is:
• only use BLUE coloured IAT antifreeze in historic vehicles;
• only use OAT products ('advanced' or 'long life' antifreeze) if the vehicle used it when new and if specifically directed by the vehicle's manufacturer;
• never mix different types of antifreeze without thoroughly flushing out the system;
• always replace the coolant within the time scale specified by the antifreeze manufacturer as the corrosion inhibitors break down over time.

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