Congleton Bear Town Classic Car Club

June Newsletter

Posted by Bryan Hurst

Members News
Another good turnout for the May meeting and we collected £54 for the raffle. Thanks to all who contributed prizes. Special thanks to Denis Scarlett for the cups that will be used as prizes for club competitions
Terry read out a letter from Harold thanking the club for its support during a difficult time, Diane’s funeral was well-attended by members and is an indication I of the esteem with which she was held. Harold asked for a good turnout of members for the Endon well dressing parade.
In preparation for the new General Data Protection Regulations coming into force on May 25th we wish to make clear that only committee members have Access to personal details. Details of members that do not renew will be deleted if not renewed within a three year period. We do not send out emails.
New Members
Mrs Theresa Shone has returned to the fold with her 1976 Type 2 VW camper van.
Endon Well Dressing
Quite a few of us met at the Plough at Endon on a glorious day despite it being a bank holiday.
It was a first time for me. We eventually got to the car park after a lengthy stop-start parade to the car park. It was a tough test for the cooling systems of some of the older models. There were various entertainments including Morris dancers throughout the day. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who has not been.
For Sale
Gas barbeques owned by the club are for sale for £40 including a gas bottle and regulator. The BBQs will need to be collected from
Rover 45 2004 for sale 88K, if interested contact Terry

Club Events
The next road run will be on June 14th meet at 6.30 at the Wilbrahamn Arms in Alsager for a run ending up at the Bulls Head for the social evening. On the 19th there is the Leek Rotary event at Norton Green
The Leek music festival on June 16th has been cancelled
Other Events in June

June 02 Classic Car Spectacular, Tatton Park, Knutsford
June 02 Klondyke Mill June Steam Party, Draycott in Clay, Staffs.
June 03 Classic Car Spectacular, Tatton Park, Knutsford
June 03 Newark Mega Autojumble, Newark, Notts.
June 03 Klondyke Mill June Steam Party, Draycott in Clay, Staffs.
June 08 Cholmondeley Pageant of Power
June 09 North Rode Vintage Rally, Bosley, Nr. Congleton
June 09 Cholmondeley Pageant of Power
June 09 Hale Carnival and Classic Car Show, Hale, Nr. Liverool Airport
June 10 North Rode Vintage Rally, Bosley, Nr. Congleton
June 10 St. Luke's Country Fayre, Burland Hall, Nr. Nantwich
June 10 Cholmondeley Pageant of Power
June 10 Austin & Morris Classics Day, Commercial Vehicle Museum, Leyland, PR25 2LE.
June 10 Cleveleys Car Show, Cleveleys, Nr. Blackpool
June 10 Manchester to Blackpool Car Run, Worsley Hall, Nr. Manchester
June 14 Beartown Classic Car Club, Evening Show, Bull's Head.
June 16 Clwyd Vintage Society Annual Show, Oswestry Showground
June 16 1000 Engine Rally, Astle Park, Chelford
June 16 Music, Motors & Fine Food, Leek town centre
June 16 Woodvale Rally, Victoria Park, Southport
June 17 Clwyd Vintage Society Annual Show, Oswestry Showground
June 17 Peaks & Dales Charity Road Run, Marple to Buxton
June 17 Fathers Classic Day Out, Trentham Gardens, Staffs, ST4 8JG.
June 17 1000 Engine Rally, Astle Park, Chelford
June 17 Woodvale Rally, Victoria Park, Southport
June 17 General Interest Rally,Mill Meece Pumping Station,Nr Eccleshall
June 19 Royal Cheshire County Show, Clay House Farm, Knutsford
June 20 Royal Cheshire County Show, Clay House Farm, Knutsford
June 21
June 23 Kelsall Steam Rally, Kelsall, Nr Chester
June 24 Kelsall Steam Rally, Kelsall, Nr Chester
June 24 Jaguar Car Show, Bleeding Wolf, Scholar Green
June 24 Shaw & Crompton Parish Council Classic Show, Nr.Oldham
June 24 Lymm Historic Transport Day, Lymm, Cheshire
June 29 Rustic Music & Arts Festival, Hope Farm, Dutton, Nr. Northwich
June 30 Manchester Airport Aviation & Transport Fair
June 30 Vintage Charity Rally, Agricultural Showground, Shrewsbury
June 30 Warslow Classic Car & Vintage Rally, Warslow, SK17 0JL
June 30 Rustic Music & Arts Festival, Hope Farm, Dutton, Nr. Northwich
June 30 Stars & Stripes Classic American, Tatton Park, Knutsford

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beartownMay2018 Newsletter

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beartown2018April Newsletter

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beartownMarch2018 Newsletter

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beartown2018February Newsletter

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Posted by Terry

Here’s hoping that you all spent a peaceful and happy period over Christmas and that everything you would wish for yourself and your nearest & dearest will come to fruition in the coming year.

Membership renewal forms are currently being distributed. (Many thanks to those who volunteered to pass some forms on, thus significantly reducing postal costs.) There is no increase in the subscription fee and hopefully you will have enjoyed and appreciated belonging to the club, which remains arguably the largest and most successful in the area. Members are asked to complete the Renewal Form, including current vehicles, and return with subscription to Andrea, our membership secretary. It is important that the form is completed, as it acts as a check against payments and is also, more importantly, used as our Audit for the Public Liability Insurance.

SOCIAL EVENT. BULLS HEAD. Sunday,21st. January, 2018.
Just a reminder of our “Hot Pot” gathering on 21st. January, 2018 from 12h00 onwards, food served until 15h00. Whilst many cars will be in “hibernation”, should the weather be suitable, the old ‘uns will be more than welcome.

Jan.21st.: Malvern Autojumble, Worcester
Jan.28th.: Newark Autojumble, Notts.
Jan.28th.: British Mini Club Fair, Bingley Hall, Stafford.

The information regarding this destination has been posted under the Events & Download tabs of the web-site

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. Monday, 5th. February,2018.
Notwithstanding the excellent voluntary ‘non-committee’ help given by members, the current committee would benefit from being more numerous. Please give very serious consideration to the nomination process. Pinching the words of someone far more famous than this author “Now is the time to think not of what the club can do for you but rather what can you do for the club”. For those reading this newsletter online, please note that 2018 AGM forms are available on the Events / Downloads tabs.

This is currently being prepared but is not at the top of my priority list as HMRC returns take priority at this time of the year. (This is an example of where additional committee resource would be helpful.) Consequently it is not proposed to publish until March and will only be available either on our web-site or at our Monthy Meetings.

ANNUAL CHARITY COLLECTION. 16th. December, 2017.
As reported in last month’s newsletter it was not possible to hold this event this year. The ‘Public Realm’ works were apparently still ongoing and it was not possible to obtain the necessary licence from Cheshire East Council. Hopefully we will be in a position early in the year, March/ April, to have the event then and perhaps in a location other than Congleston, Middlewich for example. Nevertheless, despite this sad state of affairs, Beartown’s very own Santa Claus, Tony Leyland, was out & about. He subsequently presented me with the sum of £60 as a donation to the Donna Louise Trust. It was suggested and agreed that the club match this amount and send and interim donation for £120.

The raffle takings at the club night totalled £43.

Set of 14 inch MK1 GTi Steel Wheels (presumably VW Golf). Contact:

CHAMPION Spark Plugs. Brand New in Box (BNB). All types available, either for classic or modern cars. Volume orders welcomed, get yourself a bargain at 50p each + p.p. Contact Phil Moreton 07770837133

Technology moves forward and new products are constantly being launched with claims to improved formulations and performance. With bitterly cold weather in January antifreeze articles are often found in the press, with some alarming stories which at just seem to be about the well- known tendency of antifreeze to find the tiniest hole and cause leakages - but in some cases it has led to catastrophic engine problems.
Traditional blue ethylene glycol is a toxic but highly effective antifreeze and contains silicates as an inhibitor to help prevent corrosion in an engine with mixed metals in its make-up. Bluecol and Blue Star are well known brand names and both of these are declared suitable for classic cars on their company websites. Be aware that there are also new- or no-silicate ethylene glycol formulations (usually red) available which may not be suitable for all engines.
Propylene glycol is another well-known and less toxic antifreeze formula and usually contains silicates but Comma, the main manufacturer, have now discontinued it in favour of an ethylene glycol product containing 'bittering agents' to make it less palatable and minimise the risk of accidental poisoning.
Both of the above products use inorganic additive technology (IAT).
Recently problems have been reported concerning the use of antifreeze mixtures using organic acid technology (OAT). OAT was introduced in the mid-1990's and the products are biodegradable, recyclable and do not contain either silicates or phosphates and are designed be longer lasting. However these products do seem to cause problems in older engines; over and above the ability of antifreeze to find the smallest crevice and leak, OAT antifreezes have been accused of destroying seals and gaskets and causing a great deal of damage in 'old' engines. For this reason the manufacturers do not recommend their use in historic vehicles. These products are usually coloured red, pink or orange.
The final category is HOAT. These products use hybrid organic acid technology in an ethylene glycol base with some silicates in the formulation alongside the organic corrosion inhibitors. The product is usually coloured green and is not recommended for use in historic vehicles.
The Federation of Historic Motor Clubs are still researching this problem but our advice at the moment is:
• only use BLUE coloured IAT antifreeze in historic vehicles;
• only use OAT products ('advanced' or 'long life' antifreeze) if the vehicle used it when new and if specifically directed by the vehicle's manufacturer;
• never mix different types of antifreeze without thoroughly flushing out the system;
• always replace the coolant within the time scale specified by the antifreeze manufacturer as the corrosion inhibitors break down over time.

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December Newsletter

Posted by Bryan Hurst

Members News
We are sad to report the passing of Elizabeth Ashton Stretton one of our better known members in November. A charitable donation in her memory was made to the Douglas Macmillan Hospice.
December Meeting (4th)
Please note that the January 2018 meeting will be on Tuesday Jan 9th. The raffle raised £71.
Terry announced that the charity collection in Congleton town centre was cancelled due to ongoing refurbishment of the pedestrian area. An alternative fundraising event will be held next u year, if possible.
Christmas Lunch
Forty three partook of an excellent Christmas luncheon at the Best Western Hotel in Alsager on Sunday 3rd. Unfortunately, only 40 people paid resulting in a deficit to club funds of £61.50. Rather than having to chase you for the money please give the outstanding monies to John Baker or any member of the committee. We do not wish this oversight to mar what was otherwise a great event where I met a lot of members I had not known before.
Forthcoming Events
December 02 the Christmas cracker Transport Fair, Museum of Transport. Heaton Park, Manchester
December 03The Christmas Cracker Transport Fair, Museum of Transport. Heaton Park, Manchester December 10 Newark Mega Autojumble, Newark, Notts.
For Sale
CHAMPION Spark Plugs. Brand New in Box (BNB). All types available, either for classic or modern cars. Volume orders welcome, get yourself a bargain at 50p each + p.p. Contact Phil Moreton 07770837133
Review of Events in 2017
My thanks to Ray Yates for putting this together.
1.) Secret Bunker..Nantwich..2nd April.
Cold, very cold, damp and only 6 cars on show but also a jet plane, missile and anti-aircraft gun so a really unusual line up.
Mainly radio stuff and uniforms on the stalls but the cars were unusual as well with specialist Landover, Lanchester and a really weird Fiat---Scary man!
2.) Smallwood Show. May
Absolutely brilliant this year, it had everything going for it! Good weather throughout, well laid out, good crowds new events and drama.
But the outstanding part of the show on each day was the cars, such a huge variety ,all types, all ages ,all values and all immaculate!
And our cars were outstanding (the owners scrubbed up well too.)
The Shows Highlight?.....I don't know but I thought the Show ring was a lot better even if the "commentator" did say my car was renowned for rusting!!!
3.) Tatton Park in early June
Good weather again and again a very good turnout from the club not only on our stand but with members showing in other clubs where their numbers were down and in the very competitive general show area.
Our stand was full with "our bus" taking a prominent part in the display and with such a varied selection of makes, models and types of car on show we had a very well presented display drawing much attention and praise. This time the stand was in a more prominent position and certainly more noticeable.
AND I found that elusive spare part (window catch) on the autojumble --- good all round!

4.) Anglesey-North Wales-June.
The Motor Museum was the venue for this small local show on a very, very wet day but what a venue!
If you've never been there then you really must go, it's well worth paying the £6 entry fee to go into the museum. It's bigger than it looks, some wonderful cars of the 40's to 70's,a Vauxhall specialist section for souped up Victors and Lotus Carlton's, a Military section ,Tractors and equipment (well it is Anglesey) and even a bus, not quite as good as ours but well worth a look!
Good strong cup of tea in the Museum Cafe as well.

5.) Nantwich Show-- on a Wednesday in July
What started out as a very wet Wednesday turned out to be a very warm, sunny Wednesday and our club was out in force so to speak, a good line up, a good variety and very interested punters.
The bonus was the cheeses that were sold off cheap at the end of the one-day show and because it is primarily an agricultural show, in fact the largest one-day show in the country, the content was superb, we will be back!

6.) Middlewich on the 16th July.
Good weather ,good venue , again an amazing show content with friends and owners old and new in this very compact showground in the heart of the town led to a very good day! Beartown Club is also amazing because at this event were members who hadn't been at other shows so you really did meet club members on the showground for the very first time (outside the Bulls Head) It proves what an incredible varied membership base we have and although there were only a small number of traders again I dropped on a missing 3 litre badge for the motor and an incredibly rare book on the PMT bus co.....What a day!

7.) Tatton Park Show---19th /20th August.
Was a show in two halves! Saturday it threw it down looking like Sunday would be cancelled despite the efforts of the "heroic groundsmen". But No! the show went on with an absolutely great Sunday.
Given the conditions we had a full house on both days on the stand! Well we would have done 'cept Neil was diverted in his Bentley to the General area as the road had cut up real bad by then and he couldn't get to us!
Members again were showing on other club stands so it was once again a cracking turn out with us all trooping off to the Jensen stand to see Rob's latest acquisition! Did we tell you its mucky brown! Good motor though.
Fair do's to Terry he did a brilliant job in the circumstances, even Fred said so!

8.) Clonter Opera at the beginning of September
Is a good little show for charity where you can ride on a horse and cart ,eat Jerusalem cakes from the W.I. stall, buy better quality gear from the stalls or just circulate, enjoy the dog and music shows or even have your fortune told.
Our cars were shown off to good effect in this woodland setting and again were very much appreciated. It's a nice feeling taking part in a charity event like this one BUT we did notice, just like last year, that a certain person was very well looked after by the ladies when he went for a scone and cuppa!!! We won't say his name because of embarrassing him but he drives a Wolesey Hornet and a Singer Gazelle (not both at once).

Any other contributions or comments are welcomed.
If any of you want to send me a brief description of a show you have been to earlier in the year I would be most grateful. Please email them to

My chance to wish you all a Happy Christmas

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November Newsletter

Posted by Bryan Hurst

    Members News

Unfortunately we keep on getting bad news. Ted Edward’s son Anthony passed away after a long battle with cancer. A number of members will attend the funeral at Vale Royal crematorium. In addition to signing a card a donation will be made to the nominated charity.
Club members paid their respects to Jack Cartledge and Gerald Blagg by members attending both funerals and by signing sympathy cards. Donations have also be sent to the charities nominated by the families of Jack and Gerald.

If you want to have a photo of one of your cars on next year’s calendar bring it with you to the next meeting

    Recent Events

There was a good turnout of around 16 cars for our drive out and show on Sunday 25th October despite the bad weather.
Andrea and Clive Steggel and Paul Cassell have been invited to show their Bond and Volvo 1800ES respectively at the Classic Car Show at the NEC next weekend. It is an honour for the owners and the club to be invited to sit at the high table of car shows. Also congratulations to Stephen Dent whose MGB V8 featured in the October edition of the MG Owners magazine. His MGB roadster will feature in Cheshire Life in the December or January edition. This is due recognition of the quality of the cars under the custody of 'Beartown Members'

    Upcoming Events

The deadline for completion of forms for the Christmas lunch was 1st November. Members wanting to attend will need to contact John Baker to see if places are available 01477 571317.
The Christmas collection in Congleton may take place on Sat Dec 16th in the town centre- we still await final confirmation from Cheshire East, who have asked that something is put under the cars because the paving will be brand new. Final confirmation will be made at the December monthly meeting 4th Dec.

Hotpot Social on 19th Nov at the Bulls Head.

Visit to RAF museum Cosford- The museum is opening its workshops to visitors to for the week commencing Nov 13th.. Some members are planning to go on Nov 16th. If interested contact Eddie on 07885 894835 or George on 07908598692 ASAP for details.


CHAMPION Spark Plugs. Brand New in Box (BNB). All types available, either for classic or modern cars. Volume orders welcome, get yourself a bargain at 50p each + p.p. Contact Phil Moreton 07770837133.

    November Calendar

November 04 Klondyke Mill Bonfire Party, Draycott in Clay, StaffS
November 11NEC Classic Car & M/C Show, NEC, Birmingham
Remembrance Sunday November 12NEC Classic Car & M/C Show, NEC, Birmingham
November 18 November 19Newark Mega Autojumble, Newark, Notts
November 19 Beartown Classic Car Club Hot Pot Social, Bears Head
November 25 November 26Malvern Drive-In Classic Car & Bike Autojumble. Three Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcs, WR13 6NW
Since we are coming to the end of the year I will be writing an end of year review largely based on show reports sent by Ray Yates. If any of you want to send me a brief description of a show you have been to earlier in the year I would be most grateful. Please email them to

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October Newsletter

Posted by Bryan Hurst

October Newsletter

Members News
Too often these days we have to repost the sad news of members passing away. Jack Cartlidge, who will be remembered for speaking his mind at the AGM and for his legendary fry-ups at shows, slipped away after a long illness. Funeral details are Tuesday 17th october,2017 @ 11h30. St.Annes Church, Brown Edge, ST6 8TB . We also heard the sad news of the death of Gerald Blagg. Gerald’s funeral will take place on Tuesday 10th October at 12.40 at Crewe Crematorium. The club wishes to pass their respect and condolences to the families of Jack and Gerald.
New Members
Mike Walker joined us he has a 1929 Sunbeam 16/9 tourer and a 1935 Morris 8
Other News
Vehicles of Historical Interest (VHI): “Substantial Change” Draft Guidance
Most vehicles first registered over 40 years ago will as of 20 May 2018 be exempt from periodic testing, unless they have been substantially changed1.
Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) with 12 or more seats and large goods vehicles (i.e. goods vehicles with a maximum laden weight of more than 3.5 tonnes) will not be subject to a general exemption from periodic testing at 40 years and will be within the testing regime.
The criteria for substantial change :
A vehicle will be considered to have been substantially changed (and hence not to have been historically preserved or maintained in its original state and to have undergone substantial changes in the technical characteristics of its main components) if it meets one of the following criteria. Such vehicles will not be considered of historical interest and will be continue to be subject to vehicle testing.
Criterion 1.
If a vehicle has a power to weight ratio of more than 15% in excess of its original design, unless such a modification took place before 1988.
Criterion 2
If a vehicle has been issued with a registration number with a ‘Q’ prefix; or • is a kit car assembled from components from different makes and model of vehicle; or • is a reconstructed classic vehicle as defined by DVLA guidance; or • is a kit conversion, where a kit of new parts is added to an existing vehicle, or old parts are added to a kit of a manufactured body, chassis or monocoque bodyshell changing the general appearance of the vehicle.
While reconstructed classic vehicles and kit conversions can have age-related registration numbers that are more than forty years old, they are not VHIs. Radically altered vehicles should have registration plates with a “Q” prefix, but if a keeper considers they have such a vehicle with an original registration plate they should either test it or establish whether it is a radically altered vehicle.

October Meeting
The raffle raised £45
Recent Events Attended by Members
The BBQ went well despite the first rain in over 15y. External catering was regarded to be success and will be repeated next year all being well.
A number of us went to the first Helms Chapel Village show. There was a good selection of cars from several sources. I hope this is repeated and that we are invited back.
Clonter Opera raised £2600 and Swettenham Church £500 for food on the day. As a thankyou club members are entitled to a 10% discount on tickets.
Upcoming Club Events
The is now news about whether the usual Christmas collection will be going ahead in Congleton town centre due to the refurbishment work. If we do not get clarification soon it was suggested we have it in Sandbach- next exciting episode next month.
Forthcoming Club Events
October 14th cars to the village hall on Cobb Lane, Hough.
The road run originally scheduled for the 125th has been moved to the 22nd. Those who want to join in will meet at the Bulls Head at 10.30 and back for the CLUB STAND
October Events Calendar
October 01Walled Towns Trail Car Run. October 07
October 08Malvern Festival of Transport, Three Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcs. WR13 6NW
October 08Yesteryear Rally, Heaton House Farm, Rushton Spencer
October 14Music, Motors & Fine Food, Leek Town Centre
October 14Klondyke Mill October Steam Party, Draycott in Clay, Staffs
October 15Klondyke Mill October Steam Party, Draycott in Clay, Staffs.
October 21 October 22Newark Mega Autojumble, Newark, Notts
October 22 Beartown Classic Car Club Show & Road Run, Bull's Head.CLUB STAND

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